The Royale Eatery

As you all know, I am an absolute sucker for burgers and milkshakes.  Literally! They are my ultimate weakness along with all types of Asian food.

The Royale Eatery  [image from]
I only discovered the Royale Eatery this year and it is already one of my favourite burger and milkshake places.  The setting is simple and they have ample space for when it gets overcrowded.  A tip is to sit outside on their upstairs balcony on a hot day.  It’s perfect!

Now, let’s get to the menu.


I love milkshakes being double thick with more ice cream than milk and the milkshakes here are amazing.  Double thick, great toppings and they have a million different flavours.  Okay, it’s only 30 or so, but they have so many.  In the picture above is the oreo milkshake and smarties milkshake.  What I love is that they actually include all the proper topping and don’t cheat you.  Another milkshake recommendation would have to be their chocolate brownie milkshake.  Super chocolatey with an overload of brownie pieces.


Like their milkshake flavours, they have infinite burger choices.  Whatever kind of burger you want – beef, chicken, lamb, ostrich, veggie, vegan – they have it.  And they also have al the burger toppings that you want.  So be creative and whatever you want on your burger, it is worth it.

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