Did someone say FAT BIKES?

This is my last Namibia post until I go back there.

So I need to tell everybody of this great thing to do whilst there.  I visited a place on the coast of Namibia called Swakopmund.  It’s an old German town that borders the edge of the Namib Desert.  For all of those who want to experience the dune life, quad biking is usually the go-to method for going around.

However, when I got to Swakopmund, I discovered Fat Bikes!  Basically, you cycle the dunes of the Namib Desert on a bicycle.  But it’s no ordinary bike, it has fat tyres.  At first, I thought “bruh, this isn’t gonna work, the bike will sink in the sand”.  This is where the fat tyres come in handy.  Since they’re so fat, you don’t sink [physics bro].

Being a very keen and active tourist, I opted immediately to do the trip.  It was tiring, yes, but it was such a great experience.  Cycling up the dunes are killer, but freewheeling downhill is definitely worth it.

The guides are friendly and are dedicated cyclists who saw the opportunity to be eco-friendly on the dunes and get in a cheeky workout.



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