Hello there, Namibia!

Yes, I am from South Africa.  I don’t just travel to the USA and Europe.  Namibia is just 10 hours away from Cape Town which isn’t that long of a car drive for some us.

Recently I travelled up to Namibia for 2 weeks for a holiday.  Now the big question is: where does one go in Namibia?  If you’re driving around in a car like me, you like to keep things close.  So from Cape Town, we drove for 11 hours until we hit the Orange River.  The Orange River is probably one of the greatest places to visit in Namibia.  It’s especially even greater when you go river rafting.  It is a touristy thing to do but who gives a damn.  You get on a canoe for 4 days and you go canoeing along the river.  The scenery is definitely worth it and you get to experience a little bit of nature with no technology.

We stayed at the Orange River for two nights.  Then it was back in the car and driving another 400km to Sossusvlei.  Next stop: Swakopmund for a relaxing 5 days.  And the last stop of our trip – Windhoek.  What killed though was the drive from Windhoek all the way back to Cape Town.  I DO NOT recommend it. Emphasis on the DO NOT.  Longest day of my life.


More things to do in Namibia:

  • Sossusvlei – yes, that is my next post, it deserves a whole post to itself
  • Swakopmund/Walvis Bay
  • Windhoek – and a must is to eat at Joe’s Beer House!
  • Kolmanskop – the infamous ghost town just outside Luderitz
  • Ai-Ais – for the hot springs of course
  • Fish River Canyon

Of course, all these places are relatively close to one another.  If you’re feeling adventurous and don’t mind driving forever (just a few extra 400/500kms), Etosha National Park is a must!  It is situated in the north of Namibia near the Angolan border.  The park has an abundance of wildlife and there are still indigenous tribes living within the national park.



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