Yes, this an everything blog.  First on the list – my absolute favourite place in New York.  GOTHAM WEST MARKET!!  I first went there because I thought “oh, cool, it’s called Gotham, Batman”.  Yes, it is a food market.

It is hands down one of the best food markets in NYC.  It’s a quiet and spaced out venue which is a refreshing change to the busy streets and shops.  It is filled with so many vendors – each of them having their own genre of amazing food.





My top choices of vendors: [you have to try them]

  • Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop – best ramen ever – you will not regret it
  • Ample Hills Creamery – they have the most bizarre and extraordinary flavours – ice cream or milkshake, your choice
  • Uma Temakeria – a sushi burrito – need I say more?
  • Blue Bottle Coffee – when in need for a pick me up, look to coffee
  • Choza Taqueria – no one can say no to Mexican food or a cheeky dessert [churros]
Ramen and Milkshakes – yes, it is a amazing combo

So for anyone who is visiting  New York or lives there. Go check it out.  It’s in Hells Kitchen on the corner of 11 Ave and 44th Street.  You can also visit their page: Gotham West Market


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